zondag, oktober 24, 2021

Majalla – Arabic for magazine – is an online magazine where writers and journalists with a refugee history receive coaching with publishing stories in Dutch.


To help a participant in the best possible way, they are linked to a buddy – preferably a journalist with experience and a network in the field of journalism. In addition, Majalla offers courses and workshops taught by professionals. This does not only provide participants with the necessary knowledge, it also gives them the opportunity to expand their network. In this way, Majalla wants to offer writers and journalists with a refugee history a stepping stone to practice their profession in the Netherlands.

In addition to focusing on the development of a participant, Majalla hopes that the online platform will also create a connection between people with a refugee history and people who may have little connection with this group in their everyday lives.

At Majalla, participants are given the freedom and space to choose their own subjects and express themselves in all genres, such as news stories, background articles, columns, opinion pieces and poems.

The team

The editorial team consists of a mixed group of Dutch and refugee writers and journalists. The participants are coached by their buddy in making productions. The initiative for a topic lies mainly with the participant. They decide what kind of production they make and in what way they want to do this. However, they do receive tools from their buddy. Majalla is based in Amsterdam, but volunteers live all over the country.