maandag, augustus 2, 2021

Majalla – the Arabic word for magazine – enters into the stories of refugees and their process of integration, beyond the fleeting news-items.

Through its publications, Majalla wants to provide insight for Dutch people and refugees in order to promote mutual understanding and connection.


Majalla publishes articles based, as much as possible, on its own sources, by engaged and inquisitive correspondents in both the Netherlands and abroad.
For Majalla, the interpretation, background information and analysis of current events are important. We do not try to avoid dilemmas; we actively look for them.
Majalla also provides support for refugee-journalists to start to write and publish in the Dutch language.

Editorial board

The editorial board is based in Amsterdam and consists of a mixed group of core editors of Dutch journalists and journalists with a refugee background. In addition correspondents and freelance writers in the Netherlands and abroad contribute to the magazine. Camera journalists, photographers, cartoonists and sound engineers provide us with video and audio materials.